Denise 'Dee' Chavez


Production Experience                                                                                                                                                       


2015-              Background Designer at Dreamworks TV Animation

Current         "Home: Adventures of Tip and Oh" Season 01, 02

2013-2015    Background Designer/Layout at Nickelodeon Animation Studios

                       "Sanjay and Craig" - Season 01, 02 & 03
2011- 2012  
                      Supervising Color Stylist at Titmouse Studios, Inc.
                     “Metalocalypse” Season 04 – Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
                     “Black Dynamite” Season 01 - Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
                     “Grimm Fairy Tales” Pilot
                     “Savage Brothers” Pilot
                     “ABC’s of Death” Short Film
                      Prop Designer/Color Stylist at Creative Capers Ent./ Disney Interactive
                      Freelance Prop and Clothing Accessories Designer for Disney Interactive

                      Pixie Hollow Online

                      Animator at Tiny Co. Studio
                      Freelance Animator of zoo characters for “TinyZoo” - Mobile Game
                      Background Designer/Character Illustrator at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds
                      Created backgrounds, props and illustrations for “Pet Pet Park” MMO Online Game
                      Color Styilst at South Park Studios
                      In-house freelance as a Color Stylist for South Park "Heavy Metal" Ep. -Comedy Central
                      Character Inker at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      Freelance Character Inker on "El Tigre" Season 01
                      Background Painter at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      Background Painter on "El Tigre" Season 01.
                      Worked along side Art Director and Background Designers
                      Background Designer freelance "El Tigre" Cover page for Nickelodeon Magazine         
                      Animator at Titmouse Studios, Inc. “Metalocalypse” Season 01
                      Prop Designer freelance TV "Viva La BAM" for Six Point Harness
                      Supervising Character Designer/Inker at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      “El Tigre” Pilot, Supervised and worked on char. turnarounds and characters
                      Also animated on the opening title sequence     
                      Clean-up Artist at Titmouse Studios, Inc. for Winter Olympics 2006 commercial spot
                      Animator/Character Designer Disc Marketing, Inc.  (DMI, Inc.)
                      Interface layout designer and Flash Animator for interactive commercial ECD’s
                      Companies incl: McDonald’s, Bath and Bodyworks (CD’s distributed through out U.S.)
                      Background Clean-up Artist “In the Realm of the Unreal”
                      Academy winning Dir. Jessica Yu Documentary about the late artist Henry Darger
                      Nominated at Cannes FilmFestival2004 and Writer’s Guild Award (WGA) – 2005.
                      Animator/Designer at Zeros and Ones Studio/Mondo Media and Paul Frank Industries
                      Flash animator/character designer for web-based series Paul Frank’s “Julius and

Children’s Book Illustrations

                      Illustrator on “Farmersville” a freelance project of a Children’s book based off of
                      healthy eating.
                      Illustrator/Clean-up Artist “Beamer” children’s book series, books 2-12
                      Inking and designing page layout for children’s book - Sponsored by The Betty Ford


Toon Boom 1 - 1 semester 2013

Art Center - Pasadena, CA   Children's Book Illustration Class - 1 semester 2013                                                                             

Concept Design Academy – Pasadena, CA  Digital Story Illustration for Animation Workshop 2010  

Glendale Community College – 3D Modeling and Animation Class 3 sem. 2004-2005      

California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, CABFA Character Animation program- 2000

Fresno City College and Kings River Community College2D Fine Art Major pre 1996

                    Color Stylist                                    Background Design and Paint         Adobe Flash
                    Character/Prop Design                 Children’s Book Illustration               Adobe Illustrator
                    Digital Character Ink/Paint          Traditional Acrylic Painting               Adobe Photoshop
                    Digital/Traditional Animation         Sketchbook Pro Color Comps             Coral Painter