Denise 'Dee' Chavez

Production Experience                                                                                                                                                       


current-          Background Layout/Designer at Dreamworks TV Animation

2015              "Home: Adventures of Tip and Oh" - Season 01 & 02

2013-2015    Background Layout/Designer at Nickelodeon Animation Studios

                       "Sanjay and Craig" - Season 01, 02 & 03
2011-2013    Supervising Color Stylist at Titmouse Studios, Inc.
                     “Metalocalypse” Season 04 – Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
                     “Black Dynamite” Season 01 - Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
                     “Grimm Fairy Tales” Pilot
                     “Savage Brothers” Pilot
                     “ABC’s of Death” Short Film
                      Prop Designer/Color Stylist at Creative Capers Ent./ Disney Interactive
                      Freelance Prop and Clothing Accessories Designer for Disney Interactive Pixie Hollow Online

 2007-2011   Animator at Tiny Co. Studio
                      Freelance Animator of zoo characters for “TinyZoo” - Mobile Game
                      Background Designer/Character Illustrator at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds
                      Created backgrounds, props and illustrations for “Pet Pet Park” MMO Online Game
                      Color Styilst at South Park Studios
                      In-house freelance as a Color Stylist for South Park "Heavy Metal" Ep. -Comedy Central
                      Character Inker at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      Freelance Character Inker on "El Tigre" Season 01
                      Background Painter on "El Tigre" Season 01 - Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      Worked along side Art Director and Background Designers
                      Background Designer Freelance "El Tigre" Cover page for Nickelodeon Magazine         

2005-2006Animator at Titmouse Studios, Inc. “Metalocalypse” Season 01
                      Prop Designer freelance TV "Viva La BAM" for Six Point Harness
                      Supervising Character Designer/Inker at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
                      “El Tigre” Pilot, Supervised and worked on char. turnarounds and characters
                      Also animated on the opening title sequence     
                      Clean-up Artist at Titmouse Studios, Inc. for Winter Olympics 2006 commercial spot

2000-2004Animator/Character Designer Disc Marketing, Inc.  (DMI, Inc.)
                      Interface layout designer and Flash Animator for interactive commercial ECD’s
                      Companies incl: McDonald’s, Bath and Bodyworks (CD’s distributed through out U.S.)
                      Background Clean-up Artist “In the Realm of the Unreal”
                      Academy winning Dir. Jessica Yu Documentary about the late artist Henry Darger
                      Nominated at Cannes FilmFestival2004 and Writer’s Guild Award (WGA) – 2005.
                      Animator/Designer at Zeros and Ones Studio/Mondo Media and Paul Frank Industries
                      Flash animator/character designer for web-based series Paul Frank’s “Julius and

Children’s Book Illustrations

                      Illustrator on “Farmersville” a freelance project of a Children’s book based off of
                      healthy eating.
                      Illustrator/Clean-up Artist “Beamer” children’s book series, books 2-12
                      Inking and designing page layout for children’s book - Sponsored by The Betty Ford


Toon Boom 1 - 1 semester 2013

Art Center - Pasadena, CA   Children's Book Illustration Class (1 semester) 2013                                                                             

Concept Design Academy – Pasadena, CA  Digital Story Illustration for Animation Workshop 2010  

Glendale Community College – 3D Modeling and Animation Class (3 Semesters) 2004-2005      

California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, CA BFA Character Animation program- 2000

Fresno City College and Kings River Community College2D Fine Art Major pre 1996

                    Background Layout/Design/Paint      Color Stylist                                  Adobe Flash
                    Character/Prop Design                 Children’s Book Illustration               Adobe Illustrator
                    Digital Character Ink/Paint            Traditional Acrylic Painting                Adobe Photoshop
                    Digital/Traditional Animation         Sketchbook Pro Color Comps          Coral Painter